Supporting Clients in Meeting the Unique Marine Corps Mission

Meeting the unique mission of the Marine Corps – to be a ready force when the nation is least ready – requires strategic expertise and a spectrum of technology-leveraged solutions across the five domain battlespace.

We help our clients make the resource-informed, capability-driven decisions that enable them to innovate, adapt and win. We provide early-state market analysis and competitive intelligence, helping clients develop critical capabilities and fulfill requirements while building strategic partnerships. We identify client opportunities for market penetration and provide military, Congressional and Executive Branch advocacy and liaison to help further client business objectives. We also help strategically position clients to successfully navigate challenging acquisition and procurement processes.

We provide a full suite of mission support services expertise, from lifecycle logistics sustainment to the irregular warfare situations, asymmetric environments, and high-tech capabilities Marine Corps forces encounter.

We support clients across the Marine Corps logistics, contracting and procurement spectrum, including those focused on personnel, readiness, training and simulation, research and development, joint and naval force integration, base and BRAC efforts, modernization and technology.

Marine Corps Team
Client Services
  • Strategic Capability Development, Positioning and Partnerships
  • Business Development, Capture, Proposal and Implementation Support
  • Strategic Planning and Due Diligence
  • Developing Targeted Opportunities
  • Logistics Planning and Implementation
  • Military Construction and Family Housing
  • Budget, Program & Policy Lifecycle Support
  • Navigating Federal Legislation, Policy and Regulation Processes
  • U.S. Government, Congressional and Military Relations and Advocacy (Federal, State, Local)
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Public Affairs and Media Campaigns
Marine Corps Team
  • Acquisition and Procurement Policy and Processes
  • The Capabilities Development Process
  • Budgets, Programs, Plans and Policies
  • Energy Policy and Implementation
  • Battlefield Operational and Tactical Concepts
  • Battlefield and Sustainment Logistics
  • Manpower Management
  • Force Optimization
  • Combat Development
  • Readiness


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